Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Import Export Business Training Courses Ending November 1st, 2013

ALL import export business training courses that were being offered at our main website of ImportExportHelp.com are NO LONGER available effective 1 November 2013.

UPDATE: Today, November 1st, 2013 is the END - if you procrastinated, Sorry you missed it.
As for my own plans - I am not sure yet.  I too have reached the age of retirement and the entire ImportExportHelp.com website has seen it best days.  I still work part-time with some manufacturing companies helping them identify new export prospects but much of what made our website successful in the 1990's and first half of the 2000's decade have now ended.

So in closing this post, I wish to emphasize again, this WAS NOT a sales gimmick like so many that tell you to buy now and give a false deadline - I personally assure you that the November 1st, 2013 is for real and if you visit our main site and find the course web pages you will find the order forms have been removed and the statement at the top hi-lited in yellow that the courses are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Ron Coble


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that you no longer provided your training courses. Do you know of any training materials for someone who is interested in import/export trade agent? Thanks.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Ron Coble said...

The only course I can recommend is described at http://www.importexporthelp.com/trdspx1.htm

10:22 AM  

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