Friday, April 29, 2011

How To Find Suppliers And Manufacturers Using The Internet

Embrace the Internet when looking for Exporters, Suppliers or Manufacturers (Importers too but that is another post).

One of the most commonly asked questions I have received over the 23 years in this business is "how or where do I find suppliers or manufacturers who wish to export their products".

When I first got started way back in the 1980's I had to make trips to the library which was about a 24 mile round trip. I would often spend hours each month in the reference section of the library looking through the HUGE Green volumes of Thomas Register.

Each Thomas Register (TR) book (there were about 15) weighed about 5 pounds. Thomas Register now has ALL of that valuable information online and it is now accessible for FREE at:

TR is the most comprehensive list of USA based manufacturing companies that I am aware of but one caveat - the vast majority of the listings are FREE to the manufacturer. Being FREE means little effort or expenditure of time or money on the part of the manufacturer to get their company listed....thus FREE for them is not always the best for you to contact.

There are literally tens of thousands of possible options on the Internet but some of the best are those that have cost the manufacturer/supplier money to have listed.

When a manufacturer/supplier pays to have their listing displayed it means they are "proactive" and are willing to go beyond FREE and these are far better for you as an Exporter agent/broker or export management company owner to contact....they are SEEKING buyers and are willing to pay for it.

It will make your life as an Exporter Agent/Broker or Export Management Company owner much easier to seek out companies that have taken the proactive step of promoting their products because they are actively seeking NEW potential markets for their products versus those who simply post a free listing in a directory.

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