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2010 will go down in the books as the year it became virtually impossible to find a database or Internet source of "LEGITIMATE" importing companies for your products.

First, in early June, we were informed of the main source of trade leads that has provided us with the ONLY international sales beyond those generated by our website in 22 1/2 years.

Now, even STAT-USA, the United States government's agency that has provided trade leads for as long as I can remember is closing September 30th, 2010.

I learned of the closing from a long-time business associate who was talking with the STAT-USA director earlier this month. He was informed by the director that STAT was ending their trade leads program because obtaining quality importer trade leads has become extremely difficult and the leads that most of the leads they have been getting simply are not very good quality.

It seems that Real (or legitimate) importers, the director stated, were no longer submitting their requirements through USA embassies because manufacturers, exporters and suppliers can now easily be found on the Internet (still another reason why your company needs a website, NOW).

So if the United States Government Trade Leads Service (one of the oldest I can remember) is closing due to lack of QUALITY importer/buyer leads, what do you think your chances are of finding LEGITIMATE BUYERS for your products?

The explanation from the top government agency that has offered trade leads for several decades should help you better understand why the publisher of the directories of importers we have advertised on our website since it was first posted to the Internet in 1999 is also closing.

Soon there will be NO importer directories of "legitimate" importers any longer. The publisher concluded that if the USA government cannot gather quality, legitimate import inquiries, then there is little hope that they will be able to continue to do so either.


Our ongoing research has discovered, what I personally believe to be a much BETTER resource for you and your company to focus your marketing on. This resource will provide you with direct access to LARGE VOLUME buying companies known as WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS that are REAL PROVEN BUSINESSES and not just someone who filled out an online form and submitted it asking for price and/or (in most instances) free samples.

IMPORTANT HINT: Want to know how to separate a valid "sample seeker" inquiry from a scammer??

Tell them you will provide them with FREE samples on a contingency basis. They will pay for samples now but when they become a paying customer, you will deduct the cost and shipping expenses for their sample order once their orders reach $10,000 or more (you set the figure, 10K is just an arbitrary number).

Most "Freebie Sample Seekers" will disappear into the night or onto other greener pastures where the supplier is "foolish" enough to provide them in the "hope" they will actually become a paying customer.

The above is a policy that has been successfully used by a vitamin manufacturer that does about $10 million a year in business. Do you wish to follow the success of a REAL business or get eaten alive by the "sample seekers" many of which have businesses where they sell all the free samples that foolish suppliers are willing to send them at No Cost.

So What Is The Best Resource To Help You And Your Company Get In DIRECT Communication With LARGE VOLUME Buyers?

If you are seeking LEGITIMATE BUYERS of LARGE VOLUMES OF GOODS AND MERCHANDISE then your VERY BEST resource to provide you with DIRECT communication with LARGE VOLUME BUYERS can be found in SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Business List Groups 50 and 51 which identify companies that are REAL Wholesalers and Distributors.

The advantage you gain over your competition by focusing your attention on a SIC coded database of Wholesalers and Distributors is that the VAST MAJORITY of exporters and exporting manufacturers are unaware these SIC business list groups exist. They, like just about every other exporting company, will continue to waste their time and money contacting the leads they find on FREE Internet bulletin boards. And, if you have not learned the lesson yet, the majority of the "importer" inquiries you will find there are either "Freebie Sample Seekers" or outright fraudsters.

Not to repeat myself, but I think this point needs to be emphasized - MOST "genuine" or "legitimate" Importers are no longer advertising the fact they are seeking products - proof is the closing of the US government's trade leads agency and the 33 year old publisher we have dealt with for 18 of those years.

Legitimate Importers, whether from the fear of exposing their email address, physical address or phone number to a worldwide audience of spammers and fraudsters or the fact they now know that MOST legitimate suppliers now have a website, simply ARE NO LONGER publishing their requests for product.

SIC Group 50/51 lists of Wholesalers and Distributors provide you and your company with direct access to ESTABLISHED companies that BUY PRODUCTS IN LARGE AMOUNTS, products your company may be exporting or manufacturing.

So, hopefully, you will now see why it makes COMMON SENSE that while your competition is out their spending their time and resources chasing freebie sample seekers, time wasters and fraudsters that you and your company can be targeting your marketing to REAL, HIGH VOLUME BUYERS and turning them on to the VALUE OF BUYING AND IMPORTING THOSE LARGE VOLUME PRODUCT PURCHASES FROM YOUR COMPANY!

If you are unfamiliar with the SIC Groups 50 and 51, here is a link to a web page we have set up to show you how extensive and targeted these lists are made available. There is a form at the bottom of this web page if you would like to request more information.

Ron Coble
International Trade Marketing Services

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