Friday, July 30, 2010

Importers Database Publisher Going Out Of Business

We have been informed that the publisher of our Trade Directories
of Importers is ceasing publication of their directories in October 2010.

THIS IS your LAST CHANCE to get the BEST directories
of Importers before they are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

This is not some sales gimmick, the owner of the publishing
company has advised us that he has decided to retire and he will not

be selling the business.

The following links will take you to our web pages where you may

review the 58 different directories to help you make an informed
decision about these valuable international B2B resources.

Six Worldwide Regional Directories of Importers -

Fifty (50) Product Specfic Directories of Importers -

Worldwide Directory Of Importers With Email Addresses -

Agents, Distributors and Wholesalers Directory -


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In uncertain economic conditions we are experiencing today,

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over a period of 5 years before placing
any of our funds with them, so not only do I endorse them but I

also use their services -


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This guide explains the tips and tricks of finding a good factoring
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Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

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