Saturday, January 02, 2010

Questions And Answers About Importer Trade Directories

The following are some questions from someone about the trade directories of Importers we offer and our answers:

Where did you guys get all this information from?

I am just try to confirm all your information is good lead. Not information
that you pull out from yellow page or google.

This is what I understand from working with our publisher for over 16 years.

1. They have been in business since 1973 - during that time they have developed their main database from various sources including direct requests, government organizations and business organizations. Each year they do an actual physical mailing to each importer in their database at which time the importer can request they be removed, updated or remain the same.

2. The above mailing goes out to over 155,000 in their database during a period of about 8 months on a geographic regional basis. New listings are added each year that are recevied from the same sources as noted in 1 above.

3. They do not compile from yellow pages. There is far more information contained with each listing in Interdata's database then what you may find in any yellow page listings which happen, by the way, to be very few.

4. They do not gather leads from the search engines.

5. I would suggest that if you have other questions about the directories that you review our frequently asked questions page on this subject at:

6. Remember that you ALSO receive access to our publishers export leads online service with your trade directory purchase - this is where revisions to next year's directories are posted as they are received from the mailings they send out as well as any "new" leads that they receive - this service is sold at $95 a year and is included with your directory purchase.

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