Thursday, January 14, 2010

Importers And Exporter Trade Leads

Here are some of the latest International Trade leads that
were received at our Import Export Business Help Center.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Although the information contained in the
B2B leads published here is believed to be legitimate, the
trade leads are being published as a FREE public service to
both individuals and companies submitting the information
and as a FREE public service to those of you who chose to
follow up with any of the these leads.

Because the trade leads published here are FREE, the publisher
of the leads and the provider of the space to publish these
leads cannot and DO NOT accept any responsibility for any
contact you or business transaction 'you' chose to have with
any of the people and/or firms mentioned here.


1) DO NOT Contact us if a phone number, fax number or email
address does not work - we publish them as we get them.

2) If the spelling is incorrect or something offends you,
sorry again, but they are copied and pasted into the blog
as we receive them - FREE IS FREE.

3) If a lead published here does not respond to your email,
fax, phone call it could be quite possible they have already
sold or purchased what they were advertising or they did
not like the prices, or the fact you did not give them prices,
or it may have been difficult to read your email (no personal
offense intended) but many we get are quite vague and require
a mind reader to know what they are talking about or they
may just be on a shopping excursion for their next buy which
may be 6 months or a year down the road and will keep you
email until such time as they are ready to buy or your email
had a ton of attachments and their spam filters threw it out
without them ever knowing you received it.

So literally there are 101 reasons why a buyer or seller
may respond to your email, fax or phone call and I have
absolutely NO control over their actions.

Now should you find a great supplier or buyer among the
FREE listings we take precious time out of my schedule to
publish just for you - well there is such a thing as
KARMA and a couple of pounds of Starbucks Kenya brand
coffee would sure be appreciated for this old man who
loves his coffee in the morning.



phone: 0035725563086



Canada Business Directory

Business Directory For Canada Provides 1.1 Million Company
Records Containing Essential Information For Doing Business
In Canada In An Excel format.

Industry low 3 cents per listing - target by SIC or other
data field - all data provided for only 3 cents per listing.


A new international business website called
was established recently and is
constantly improving.

Probably most of you are trading abroad from one way to the other, so you might agree with my observation about difficulties abroad. Surveyes show that at least 10-20% of businesses have lost deals because of language and intercultural differences. aims at bringing Eastern European trade closer to Western cultures, but in general at least to provide a chance for interested parties to list their offers in different languages (mostly in Eastern European languages) in appropriate search engines.

As most of you do speak English, and would probably assume that English is widely spoken in other countries, would you not?

There are other surveyes that show that only around 2o% of internet users browse in English. Probably it is higher amongst foreign businessmen, but still, when it comes to trade in Eastern Europe, it is SO FAR not obvious that they will understand you so easily!

Therefore there are lots of hidden offers on the internet that other nationals will never find and understand, because they are not listed in the readers language. So if we understood each other more, we would seal more deals.

Basically, what do we know about other cultures in general? Probably, in lots of cases, the answer is: as much as we can read in English.

Even for me to find information about Hungary that is written and up to date in English is a challenge. So I have to assume it would be as difficult for you too. So not only lists your offers in foreign languages, but tries to give you a cultural background!

You are invited NOW to visit
NOW and in the future as it is constantly improved as we start with a few languages and introduce more in the coming months and years.

Happy New Year to you, do not hesitate to have a look and contact us, if you have interest to expand in Eastern Europe.

Andrea Kovacs
00 44 (0) 7870984332
186 Cambridge Road
Ilford, Essex


License Global is the only source for trends in merchandising for consumer-based products.

License Global, the leading trade publication for intellectual property licensing and merchandising, provides award-winning editorial focusing on business deals, trends and marketing strategies on every category of consumer products.

Geographic Eligibility: Selected International

NOTE: Number of FREE subscriptions may be limited.


More 2010 Versions Trade Directories of Importers
are now available.

If you are not familiar with the 50 Commodity or Product
specific directories of importers available to you to help
you target just your industry, you should visit the following
web page now:

NOTE - We have not had time to update the web pages yet,
however, we have been advised that there will be no
price changes for edition 2010 and that the following
editions have completed their updates and are ready for
shipping to you:

Apparel & Clothing
Automotive Equipment, Parts & Accessories
Beauty Supplies, Cosmetics & Toiletries
Chemicals & Allied Products
Computers & Data Processing Equipment
Consumer Electronics, Audio/Video
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Food & Beverage
Furniture & Home Furnishings
Housewares & Home Accessories
Jewelry & Costume Jewelry
Medical, Hospital & Surgical Equipment & Supplies
Paper, Paper Goods & Stationery Products
Printing & Graphic Arts Equipment & Supplies
Sporting Goods & Toys
Tires & Tubes (Auto/Cycle/Truck)

Also, in case you missed our previous Global B2B update
there were also some other updates that were announced -

Email Directory with over 18,000 Worldwide Importers with
Email addresses along with all other contact details:

Agents - Distributors and Wholesalers Directory -

And last, but certainly not least, a repeat of our last
B2B update - ALL 6 Regional directories of Importers have
now been updated to their 2010 editions and details are
available at:


ALL of the above trade directories include shipping in
the prices stated on their web pages - UPS 2nd Day Air
within the USA and US Postal Air Express for anywhere
outside the USA.

ADDITIONALLY - each of these trade directories include a
FULL ONE YEAR subscription to the online trade leads service
that is described here - - this
is a service that goes for $95 a year and it is INCLUDED
AT NO EXTRA charge as a B0NUS with any trade directory
listed above.


Nitin Sharma (

phone: 9956058771

We are deaf from India. We want to sale our leather lady handbags, man's handbags, coats, shoes, boots, belts, wallets, horse saddles



phone: Cell Number : +256-752615636 / 0755000048

Plot No: 219 Kings Road ,
Block No. 112, Suite No: 07
P.O. Box 44 Mukono,
TEL/ FAX: 256-41-345580 / 345597

We are the leading Importers of dedicated providing quality conditioned Garments & Fabrics, Ultrasounds and Transducers to the Medical Community in Uganda and Other Neighbouring Countries.

Therefore we were very impressed by the price of your local market for equipments and medical supplies and We would therefore request you to quote the price with CIF to Uganda East africa for available stock list.
Thus we need your catalogue through our mail company postal address and website. If the price is satisfactory we hope to send the payments fast for our substantial order.

Dr Kerry Hennessy
Managing Director


License Global is the only source for trends in merchandising for consumer-based products.

License Global, the leading trade publication for intellectual property licensing and merchandising, provides award-winning editorial focusing on business deals, trends and marketing strategies on every category of consumer products.

Geographic Eligibility: Selected International

NOTE: Number of FREE subscriptions may be limited.


Saleh Hasnat (

Mobile number +88-0-1715181018 - Bangladesh,Dhaka
>comments: Hello,I am a Businessman from Bangladesh.My company name
>is SAF INTERNATIONAL.I want to export some clothing to overseas. All
>are with excelent design and quality. I am looking for importers.

Anirudh Ranga (

phone: 00919414006868

comments: i am trading microscopes in India and keen to procure High grade Research Biological Microscopes and looking for original High quality microscope manufacturer of China who can provide us best quality & cheap priced microscope


Sanuwar (

phone: 880-2-8614749

We are pleased to introduce our selves as one of the renowned
TANNERY IN HAZARIBAGH NAMED YOUSUF BROTHERS GROUP TANNERY (PVT)LTD company for mutually business interest with your company, Sunrise Corporation" one of the sister concern of "Yousuf Brothers Tannery Group Pvt Ltd"acting as a exporter and inspecting / commission agent on behalf of our foreign buyers and importers, we are working with this items like as Cow,Goat,Buffalo,Sheep leather & leather goods in crust/ finished conditions from long time with good reputations.

# Cow/Buffalo wet blue splits supply
# Cow calf & cow hide 100% chrome free vegetable.
# Full chrome,Semi-chrome,Full vegetable,also chrome veg free tanned leather
# Goat crust & Finished leather for garments & gents/ladies shoes
# Saddle & harness crust leather from cow,buffalo veg. tanned 2.5/3.5/4.0mm
# Lining leather
# Cow Buffalo head crust and finished leather
# Wet blue split,Crust split, and any color drum dyed splits
# Hair on cow calf crust.
# Woven & Non woven gents ladies garments
# Stock leather & leather scrap
# Complete shoe,sandals,shoe upper
# Complete leather hat,cap,bag,belts & any leather goods
# We also supplier leather & woven garments,gloves
# We import leather chemicals Fat-liquors,syntan,
dyes stuffs,Mimosa,Quebracho, shoe finishing chemicals etc. and industrial
water treatment chemicals.
# Health Care cosmetics and machinery
# Food grain mainly what,Basmoti Rice others



phone: +91 93721 81150

send inquiries about the all type of fabrics from grey to terry fabrics


From: "francis"
Subject: exports imports

Phone: 04630273077

import hms 1@2 copper cathode export salts ione ore etc


sreekumar (

phone: 2592233

comments: Wmanufacturer and exporters of 100% Coir Mats. PVC Backed Coir Mats, Coir/Rubber Combination Mats, Coir/Rubber Combination Matting Mats, Spiral Door Mats, Rubber Mats, Synthetic Mats, Jute Rugs, Cotton Mats etc. in Gods own Country (Kerala, South India) since last three decades. We are looking for importers for our products.


From: "William Abakah"

Subject: Freight Forwarding Business

Phone: 233.277540447

We are in Freight Forwarding Business and needs clients to serve. Consolidation, full Container loads etc.


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Xaan Abdulla Luthufee (

phone: +960 7908655

comments: We are looking for an importer of Smoked Tuna from Maldives.
Contact us
Tel +960 7908655


bees faashion (

phone: 0091-421-4333083

comments: we have garment manufacturing factory in tirupur india,and we doing orders with european buyers if we intrested to business with our concern please forward your enquiries


Lanera de Ocotlan (

phone: + 52.951.571.0513

comments: Suppliers of wool and mohair, greasy and tops.


Nearen.N.Jaikaram (

phone: +27 31 3016706

comments: I am very interested in after market car accessory such as, car head lamps, tail lamps, spoilers, steering wheels, racing seats,grilles, magwheels,


Balamurugan.R (

phone: 919842776088

comments: we are export Agricultural, food, Products form India.


fevzi efe (

phone: 0 535 396 70 00

comments: Hi I am from Turkey at mail. Exports of home furnishings we do. production of any design is available. If you can meet your demands. Our company mail


From: "USMAN"

Phone: +92-321-9433425



American Business Lists

American Business Lists and databases contain over 13 million
USA and 1.1 million Canadian business listings and the data
is provided in either an Excel spreadsheet format.

Database lists are available by SIC codes, states, provinces
or any one of 13 data fields.


mohammad (

phone: 0098-21-66466866

comments: As an individual with the experience of many years as coordinator involved in the foreign projects&trade doe thw last30 years.I am looking forward eagerly to find the chance to provide service to the exporters&importers and foreign projects.I am looking forward to your response.


Subject: Egyptian handicrafts

Phone: 20225892051

We would like to represent ourselves to you as exporters of Egyptian handicrafts and products dealing in :-

1- handmade, handcoloured papyrus papers with Pharaonic drawings.
2- Handmade flat woven carpets for wall decoration.
3- Silver Jewelry with Pharaonic designs.
4- Handmade perfume glass bottles.
5- Handmade chess of camel bones.
6- Relief on limestone sculptured with Pharaonic drawings.
7- Handmade marble statuettes and products.
8- Ceramic tiles for wall and floor for kitchen and bathroom, and sanitary equipments.

Thanking you in anticipation of an early and favorable reply informing us about the possibility of marketing any of our products in your country.

Milad Mounir Hanna


"Ma. Teresa I. Chavez"
Subject: mobile phone parts and accessories

Phone: 632-4833903

I need manufacturers of mobile phone parts and accessories. I am interested in LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and other brands. My interest is in Touch Panels, LCDs, Camera Modules, Flex Cables, Microphones, Housings, Screw and all other parts of a mobile phone either original or high copy ones


We are a leading manufacturer of fastener and so on.
You can view our produtcs at?
More information,pls do feel free to contact us
We will send our catalouge when you have interest
We can place your brand name on our products.
Thanks for your cooperation.

maggie ni
Ningbo Zhongjie Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Add: 6/F Tongfan Building Zhenhai Economic Development Zone, Ningbo, zhejiang, P.R. China.
FAX ?057486303728


Neo Wong -

phone: +86-752-5203543-8063

comments: Huizhou WELL Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional mold and molding components manufacturer with 10 years experience in Guangdong Province, China. WELL’s business scope covers: medical products; water treatment; electronic products and machinery configuration parts.

WELL has successfully established a stable and efficient quality control and management system. In this case, WELL was certified the ISO9001:2008 by TUV Germany.

Because of WELL’s high quality, international brands such as TOSHIBA、ACTEON、NETAFIM、SECAP、TRAC0E、Autopot、Newphase、TECHSTAR、Osmegen、SPEED-FRAME were all chosen our molds and molding components.

People at WELL are striving to serve our clients with precise and high standard molds, quick service and professional molding design. WELL’s long time experience in mold manufacturing and marketing will certainly help you to be cost-effective and competitive in the market.


Ankrah Williams H. (

phone: +233-261-778295

comments: Our Company name is: Afriwest Links Gh. Limited, we are located at Accra, Ghana,Plot 112 College Road, East legoon, Accra - Ghana, West Africa.

We are distributor and manufacturer's representatives, we import goods according to the demand of the market.

Currently, we are searching for reliable companies around the world that can supply to us the following items:

1. bed sheets
2. T-shirts
3. Gift Items
4. Surgical Intruments.
5 Laptop Computers etc.

If you are interested in this offer, do contact us immediately for further details.

Dr. Ankrah Williams.


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moman (

phone: 03216114723

sir most respectfully state that we are making swords wooden ,wooden box, wooden handles,wooden sticks and more much.i want to found some importers.
with best business relationship.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Maryam Noor said...

Hi Sir,
I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. Keep it up.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Bala said...

Knit Craft India ... (

We are exporters of wide range of knitted garments which includes t-shirts, polo shirts, rugby, hoody, vest, tank tops, night wear, bath robes etc for the past five years. Our major buyers are mainly from UK and USA. We are one of the leading exporters in India. We represent the leading manufacturers of these items in India. We follow the ISI specifications. We believe that your company imports the items we export. We shall be glad to send you detailed literature / samples of items that may be of interests to you.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous manjit singh said...

Dear sir,
I am Manjit singh from Mumbai(India).We are distributing shirts,t-shirts,leather jackets,punjabi suits with hand work embroidery since 15 years.We alread supplied leather jackets and leather skirts to canada.If you have any demand pls give us one chance to prove our efficiency.Also we can supply artificial jewellery.We hope that we will get positive response from your can contact me on +91 9717235404.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Third Mike Concerns said...

Chuka Udegbuna (

phone: +225-46208538

comments: Our Company name is: Third Mike Concerns Ng. Limited, we are located in Nigeria,Benin,Togo Ghana and Cote D'ivoire and all over the West African Region.

We are distributors and manufacturer's representatives, we import goods according to the demand of the market.

Currently, we are searching for reliable companies around the world that can supply to us the following items:

1. Orange Juice
2. Mixed fruit juice
3. Biscuits
4. Spices (bottled and canned).
5. Baby Pampers

If you manufacture or export any of the above item, do contact us immediately for further details.

Mr. Chuka Udegbuna.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Indian Natural Stone said...

Great Post. We are manufacture & exporters of marble & granite form india.

11:26 PM  

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