Friday, August 28, 2009


DOVER, Pennsylvania, USA - August 28th, 2009 -
Coble International, owners and operators of the International
Trade Help Center website announced
today the completion of the 2010 editions of the
North American Directory of Importers covering both USA
and Canadian Importers and the Middle Eastern

The North American and Middle East Directory of importers are
more than just a list of importers. These highly regarded
international trade publications have been
in continuous print (now also on CD rom) since 1971.

The commitment to quality and uniqueness has earned this
international trade directory a spot on the shelves of
many chambers of commerce, government agencies, libraries,
international trading companies, exporters and
manufacturers in more than 100 countries.

Each importer listing is displayed alphabetically under
relevant headings, from apparel to watches and clocks
in the classified sections.

Extensive company data is provided making this international
trade directory far more than just a mailing list of
importers. Each importer listings includes: Executive
contact name, business name, address, telephone and fax
numbers, with about 12% having email addresses.

Sample importer listings along with complete details about
these newly revised 2010 editions are available at -
USA Importers - Canadian Importers - Middle Eastern Importers

Contact Information:
Ron Coble
Coble International B2B Marketing Services
(717) 292-5763

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