Monday, February 09, 2009

Canadian Business Databases

If your company has never considered business in Canada, you are missing a huge market.

You can now access over 1.1 million businesses in Canada by province, city, SIC code or just about any parameter you need to target your marketing efforts to be the most successful.

Here are links to web pages with details about the entire 1.1 million business database as well as individual pages for the main provinces and major cities within those provinces. Canada is a market that many forget about which means the competition is far less for you and your company - go check them out today -

Canada Business Directory - this is comprehensive company database with over 1.1 Million Canadian company listings.

Alberta Business Directory - database of over 116,711 companies in Alberta

British Columbia Business Database - database of over 163,844 companies in BC

Manitoba Business Directory - database of over 41,799 companies in Manitoba

Ontario Business Directory - database of over 442,374 companies in Ontario

Quebec Business Directory - database of over 252,677 companies in Quebec

Saskatchewan Business Directory - database of over 41,354 companies in Saskatchewan

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