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Importer Leads - Exporter Leads

Here are some of the latest International Trade leads that
were received at our International Trade and Business Help Center.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Although the information contained in the
B2B leads published here is believed to be legitimate, the
trade leads are being published as a FREE public service to
both individuals and companies submitting the information
and as a FREE public service to those of you who chose to
follow up with any of the these leads.

Because the trade leads published here are FREE, the publisher
of the leads and the provider of the space to publish these
leads cannot and DO NOT accept any responsibility for any
contact you or business transaction 'you' chose to have with
any of the people and/or firms mentioned here.


1) DO NOT Contact us if a phone number, fax number or email
address does not work - sorry, we publish them as we get them.

2) If the spelling is incorrect or something offends you,
sorry again, but they are copied and pasted into the blog
as we receive them - FREE IS FREE.

3) If a lead published here does not respond to your email,
fax, phone call it could be quite possible they have already
sold or purchased what they were advertising or they did
not like the prices, or the fact you did not give them prices,
or it may have been difficult to read your email (no personal
offense intended) but many we get are quite vague and require
a mind reader to know what they are talking about or they
may just be on a shopping excursion for their next buy which
may be 6 months or a year down the road and will keep you
email until such time as they are ready to buy or your email
had a ton of attachments and their spam filters threw it out
without them ever knowing you received it.

So literally there are 101 reasons why a buyer or seller
may respond to your email, fax or phone call and I have
absolutely NO control over their actions.

Now should you find a great supplier or buyer among the
FREE listings we take precious time out of my schedule to
publish just for you - well there is such a thing as
KARMA and a couple of pounds of Starbucks Kenya brand
coffee would sure be appreciated for this old man who
loves his coffee in the morning.


First a couple of LEAD announcements from Ron Coble of

NOTE: If you export cars, trucks, suv's and would be interested in some very
good leads for your business - contact me direct by using one of the contact links on our web site at http:/ we are receiving 1 to 2 leads per day from people wishing to purchase a vehicle in the USA and the current advertiser is only interested in working with foreign dealers, not individuals. Contact me (Ron Coble) today via on of our contact banner or email links from the web site at

ALSO: If your are a supplier of Used or Second Hand clothing and are seeking buyers for your clothing - go to our web site ttp:/ use any of the contact or email links and contact me today because we are receiving requests on a daily basis sometimes from BUYERS of 2nd hand clothing.


This confirms our interest in the Mono-Crystalline
Silicon Solar Cells at 7 million units a year that meets
below specifications:

- Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

- Origin: USA, Canada, or can be from anywhere except China
(because our Buyers are in China)

- Delivery: Now/ASAP

- IMPORTANT: We Only Want MONOCRYSTALLINE Silicon Solar Cells,
not “ Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells “

Size: 125mm * 125mm
Transform efficiency: >16%
power: > 2.4W
Color: royal blue color

1. Resistivity: 0.5~3O/cm2
2. Dopant: Borom(B)
3. Boron/Phosphorous/Arsonic/Antimony Or Any Product: Boron
4. Thickness: 220µM±20µM
5. Grade: Technical Grade
6. Type? N or P Or Anytype: P
7. Orientation? 100/111/511/110/Or Any Orientation: Is that
diameter: 100
8. Select Surface? Single Side Polished /Double Sidepolished/
Etched/Lapped/Any Surface: 2,depth less than 0.05mm
- Crystals: CZ Monocrystal
- Type of Conduction: P-Type(B doping)
- Minorily-carrier Lifetime: 10µM(The better,the greater)
- Carbon concentration: =5×1016/cm3 (The better, the smaller)
- Oxygen concentration: =1×1018/cm3
- Dislocation: <3000/cm2 (The better, the smaller)
- Location: <500/cm2 uniform distribution
- Margin Defect:Longth<5mm, Breakage of Depth less than0.5MM<1
- Saw cut: <5µm 15
- TTV : < 40 um 16

1. Please advise your best Ex-Works & FOB Prices

2. Please advise how many solar cells that meets our
requirements that you currently have in stock, plus you can
supply to us on per month & per year basis

3. Please advice lead-time, re-order time

Orders will be dependant upon a review of the final packaged
units and testing of the Solar Cells. Upon successful
completion of this review, purchase orders will be released.

Contact us via this email - with
complete details about your company and it's
ability to meet this ongoing requirement.

Phone: 593-04-2-399437

I represent an exporter company from Ecuador-South America.
We export plantain,on boxes to the United State mainly.
I would to know or to get the information about the importers
of plantain in the United states.

fr.luis Paredes Vargas
Expo_Impo PAVAR SA
My Name: Dr.Luis Paredes Vargas

Phone: +260 96 6 950059

With many thanks, l appreciate your valuable infomation and
all the messeges sent to me.

lndeed you are a helping tool in all the Business links.

l am the Director of KAODOM ENTERPRISE LTD, based in Kafue,
Zambia, Southern Africa.. entering the International trade
as an Exporter of Organic Honey (bulk), Groundnuts, Beans...

Dominic kaoma


We have received your contact details while searching on Net. We would like to introduce ourselves as Leading Manufacturer & Exporters of Food Products mainly Biscuits from India. Now we are looking forward to enter into USA market through your expertise in the said market.

Therefore we are enclosing some of our product pictures for your reference. Kindly have a look at the same & let us have your views on the same.

Our contact details are as follows:

Bonn Food Industries
217A-1, Village Hiran
Chandigarh Road
Punjab, India

Tel: +91 161 2120 432/3/4

Contact Person:
1. Navnish Khullar Export Manager

2. Gurmeet Singh CEO

Email: gurmeet

Subject: Supplier of ink jet media materials ,fabric,display stand

Phone: +86-021-57893463

Shanghai Zeafee Co., Ltd. is the biggest wholesaler and professional manufacturer of Ink Jet Medium in China,Made-in-China will give you the latest and preferential price. If you are interested in our products,please tell us about your requirements, We will give you the greatest benefits of space.

For more information ,please surfing our company web site as below: = If you are interested in our prodcuts, please contact us at any time.


Phone: 92 321 6156949


We are a custom manufacturer/contract manufacturer.
100% of our products are exported from China to North America for our
customer base. In addition we own an import/export logistics company that
allows us to make offshore production painless.
I hope this helps.

Partner with EIC Industry Group where we make offshore production simple.
Tom Marrie
EIC Industry Group
Thomas F Marrie Jr
Sales Engineer
Tel (973) 983-1988
Fax (973) 983-2688
53 Green Pond Road Ste 3
Rockaway, NJ, 07866


I’m production all kind of handicrafts and wood teak furniture.

I interest to support your business with up date new of my design for the above production. I can be you’re your partner business in bali . you can make the order from your country and I will send the production you interested with very good business prices.

If you need further my information will send you the sample photos with very cheaper prices I can give to you



I got information about your email from Ron Coble, Coble International.

We are CV. Dian Rotan Company, manufacturer and exporter of basket wares and furniture from Indonesia.

Our export market currently for Europe, Middle East and some time also to USA. We also supply for IKEA store for basketries product. For detail information about us and our company please find the information as following bellow:

Company : CV. Dian Rotan
Address : Jl. Raya Leuwimunding-Rajagaluh, Leuwimunding-Majalengka 45472 West Java Indonesia
Contact Person : Mr. Erry K. Mahardhika
Phone : +62 233 511234 ext 108
Fax : +62 233 512066
Mobile : +6281803184690
Skype : mahardhika.erry
Email :;
Web site :
Export capacity : 25 x 40 HC container / month





MAHAVEER JEWELLERY Prop:M.Mahaveer chand
E-mail :

Ph: 91 44 24727825 , C: 91 9444172756 , C: 91 9962158683

No 224/4 Palani Andavar Koil Street, I Floor,Vadapalani,

Chennai-600026. Tamil Nadu. INDIA


We proudly introduce ourselves as a leading
manufacturers and exporters of the world class Dental,
Surgical, Manicure and Veterinary instruments. We have
a large concerning faculty and latest department
equipped with latest machinery and manned with highly
skilled staff with which we can equal international
standard in quality. We also provide customized
manufacturing facility to our customers.
We are using every time standard and innovative material and
our customers always acknowledge our best quality,
workmanship and good service. With such a long tradition of
ours, we would love to hear from you to enable us cater to
your needs. We hereby offer you our best quality products on
complementary rates and we would be happy to provide you
quotation according to your needs and specifications.
Please visit our website
With kind expectation,
Yours truly,
Nouman Tariq
Elven International.
Al Raee building ,cantt. Road sialkot 51310 Pakistan
0092-524 603791
0092 333 8619902


Please accept our best thanks for your esteemed detailed mail. Could we
supply our products to these retail companies direct after giving your
references. Actually we are manufacturer/exporters of various Brassware
products and Architectural Builders Hardware items. These items are used
in normal course in door fittings, window fittings and cabinet fittings.
In order to facilitate Chain stores, we could pack products in accordance
with the guidelines provided to us so that these products could be sold to
the End users. New Products of US people liking could also be
manufactured in the finish and standard required. The packing style with
logo or w/o logo could be got printed here.

Please let us know your views, so that we could go ahead in the matter.

Rajesh Gupta
Akhil Brothers, Aligarh (India)


Phone: 20022583521

Please advise if you anyone interested to buy from egypt
T-shirts, Towel, Men wear,etc... 100% pure cotton

Waiting your reply
Karim Shehad


Ann Mcnamara
Business_Name: P&A Mcnamara
Years_in_Business: 20+ years
Mailing_Address: 23 Ruswell Ave Warners Bay 2282
Mailing_City_State_Zip: NSW
Country: Australia
Telephone: 0249583942 Fax: 0249583942 Cell_Phone: 0411834416

Website: n/a
Importer: YES

I am looking for kids clothes (character) and acc eg, shoes hats handbags


Kindly study our best ready stock offer on Duracell and Energizer batteries.

We also have current special price for:
Panasonic Oxyride battery ex. work HK
AA 2 x 9,600 cards (Expiry 2013) @usd0.95
AA 4 x 14,400 cards (Expiry 2013) @ysd1.90

Ready stock and mini order 200 ctns.

Click to view the images and pdf files below:

best regards,
Maurice Yu


Phone: +963 966 595 600

we are Bassaer company for kid's wear in Syria and we would like to get some information about the faisr , and please if you could provide us with a list of exhibitors or importers and it would be of great kindness of you
ahmad shagel


Global Warming Defense Company

Has developed a product that is designed to reverse the effects of Global Warming, and Global Dimming globally, two major of several ongoing environmental threats to our planet. Made from paper pulp, cement, and one other ingredient that makes this siding fire proof.

This new type of product is meant to be placed around an existing building, or home, and because of the basic properties that make up this new product, it will insulate these structures fully from the increased heat, and cold due to the increased process of Global Warming, and Global Dimming.

I have also developed a type of tile using the same materials as the siding, and is used as a roofing material to further insulate any existing structure.

I have estimated that a home, or building using these materials would have potential to reduce the cost to heat and cool their homes, and buildings by 80 percent, or more depending on the thickness, and the composition of the existing materials that this product are being applied to.

This significant reduction of energy, Globally, would definitely reduce the amount of energy being used globally in regards to such energy sources as heating oil, electricity, and other fuels used to heat homes and buildings while reversing Global Warming, and Global Dimming.

Ocean Water Project

I have a technology that converts the power of the ocean, at high tide into a force that channels this high force of sea water into a combination of different size piping that are linked together, and that have several hydroelectric power generators inside the pipes designed to produce electricity to Cities, anywhere in the United States. Several generators are used to keep the pipes from bursting.

Once the pipes reach their destination, the salt water enters several large chambers that are filled with Lava Rock, that is the only material on this planet designed to filter out the salt from the water, rendering the salt water into fresh drinking water, cheaper than any municipality can pump it out of the ground, and serve it to their customers.

Once the large chambers are clogged, the chambers are reversed and flushed out into lined ponds, where the sate water is dried, and then sold as sea salt.

This technology I am using in art was first developed in the 1880s, where hydraulic mining was first introduced in California during the Gold Rush.

See this type of technology that I am using in part to turn Salt Water into fresh drinking water.

Now I have the power to supply fresh drinking water to any part of the United States, I can turn desert lands into forests lands, or man made swamps. I can replenish the lost water back to the everglades. And at a cost that staggers the imagination.

I am a Scientist, that has also discovered what causes Parkinson’s Disease in humans. See Web link:

For more information on myself, and my discoveries, enter my name, Steven Montes into Also see my art at:

I can be contacted at or by phone at 520-512-0228, or 520-512-0228


The Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM) is offering foreign manufacturers, wholesalers , exporters, importer and commercial real estate investors the opportunity to participate in Latin America’s first, and the world’s largest , wholesale mart. Showrooms and offices are available for purchase or lease. Prices begin at US$125,000 for 50 mt2. Financing is available. Contact now for full details.

Dennis Smith

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