Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Importers Worldwide Trade Directory 2008 Edition

DOVER, Pennsylvania, USA - December 11, 2007 - Coble
International, owners ImportExportHelp.com announced today
the availability of the new 2008 editions of the
International Importers Directory.

The 2008 edition of the International Importers Trade
Directory is comprised of 7 regional trade directory importer
groups. The groups include: North America (which is about
75% USA Importers and 25% Canadian Importers); European
Importers (approximately 54,000 importers); Middle Eastern
Importers (approximately 14,000 importers); Africa Importers
(approximately 9,000 importers); Asia-Pacific Importers
(approximately 32,000 importers) and South American Importers
(approximately 22,000 includes Central American and Mexican

The international importers directory has over 150,000
global importers and is updated each year. This highly
regarded set of international trade directories has been
in continuous print (also now on CD rom) since 1971.

This type of long term commitment to quality and uniqueness
has earned a place for these directories on the shelves of
many libraries, chambers of commerce, global trading
companies, government agencies (including many Export
promotion agencies) manufacturers and exporters from
around more than 100 countries.

International importers from 178 countries are published
in this worldwide business to business directory. The
importer listings are available alphabetically under
relevant headings, from agriculture equipment to watches
and clocks in the classified sections.

Comprehensive company data is given for each importer
listing that includes: Executive name, business name,
address, telephone and fax numbers, email address and
web sites are optional and included if provided. Some
of the importer listings also include: year their
business was established, number of employees and bank
references in addition to a list of up to eight products
they seek to buy for import.

The importer data featured in these trade Directories is
carefully compiled through various methods including the
extensive use of questionnaires that are actually mailed
sent to each importer in their database annually.

The 150,000 importers in this set of trade directories
is available in both printed form consisting of 9 volumes
totaling approximatly 5,000 printed pages and on one
CD rom disk.

The 2008 edition of the international importers directory
is a worldwide B2B resource that fufills a void often
present in most major public libraries. While most
libraries have large selections of business guides and
manufacturer directories, very few provide international
business to business resources that will help
manufacturers and exporters with to access a comprehensive
list of potential buyers in the form of importing companies
from around the world.

Samples importer company listings and complete details
about this recently updated 2008 edition of the
international importers directory are available at -

Contact Information:
Ron Coble
(717) 292-5763