Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Increase Sales By Extending Credit With Help from the U.S. Government

Entering new foreign markets requires that you protect
your company against non-payment. To help you enter
those new markets and increase your sales in existing
ones, providing buyers with financing can be the key to
improve your cash flow.

Your business can do it too and the official export
credit agency of the United States can help you.

You can learn about trade finance and reduce your
international risks in expanding your sales with
confidence and compete more effectively in the
challenging global market.

The export credit agency support covers the credit and
country risks that the private financing sector is unable
or unwilling to assume. They can also help you level the
playing field with your foreign competitors who are
often supported by their governments. The agency seminars
also allow you to meet and network with Ex-Im Bank staff,
international brokers, lenders and other exporters.

Click here to learn more about what you will hear from
Ex-Im Bank's trading specialists and from other
government agency reps.