Friday, September 29, 2006


DOVER, Pennsylvania, USA - September 30, 2006 - Coble
International, owners and operators of the website announced today the completion of the
2007 edition of the European version of the International
Trade Directory of Importers.

Ron Coble, owner of Coble International, announced the
European Directory of Importers will be available for shipment
beginning the first week of October 2006. The European
directory of importers is the second trade directory of this
series to complete it's 2007 edition update with the
North American directory of importers preceding it in August.

The international trade directories of importers are updated
annually and they have been in continuous publication since
1971. This long term commitment to quality andm uniqueness
has earned these trade directories a place on the shelves of
many government agencies, chambers of commerce, exporters,
manufacturers and international trading companies around the
world in more than 100 countries.

Importers from all eastern and western European countries are
listed alphabetically under relevant headings, from abrasives
to zippers in the classified sections. Comprehensive company
information is provided for each importer including: Business
name and address, person to contact, email addresses (if
provided), number of employees, year established, telephone
and fax numbers, business activity, bank references, and a
detailed list of products they seek to buy and import.

The data featured in the European Directory of Importers is
carefully gathered through extensive use of questionnaires sent
to each importer. Over 50,000 bona fide importers are
included in the 2007 edition of the European version that will
encompass nearly 1,500 printed pages. The European directory
importer list is also available on a CD Rom version.

The 2007 edition of the European directory of importers fills
a international business resource void that is often prevalent
in major public libraries. Most major public libraries have
a wealth of business reference guides and directories, but
very few provide international business resources that are
devoted to providing manufacturers and exporters with an
importer list of potential worldwide buyers. That is what
makes this trade directory uniquely suited to help fill the
void of international trade and business information currently
available to B2B companies in their quest to expand into the
global marketplace.

Samples of the importer list and further details of this
latest regional update to the International Trade Directory
of Worldwide importers list are currently available at -

Contact Information:
Ron Coble
(717) 292-5763


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