Monday, January 19, 2015

Mexico Business Resource Portal

About 4-5 years ago we began noticing a trend in international trade.  Prior to that time, the primary interest of both callers and email queries to our main website for sourcing products was about how and from whom to source products from China.

With steadily increasing labor costs in China and ever increasing costs to ship finished goods many companies that had moved their manufacturing to China were now looking closer to home or just south of our border.

There is even a new term for this trend - "nearshoring".

The growing trend in looking South of our border to do business in Mexico rather than half way around the world in China has continued and doing business in Mexico is now seen as a means of keeping both labor and transportation costs lower and the ultimate price of finished goods competitive.

The Mexico Business Portal was created to have a central location for ALL types of information, both current and past, for doing business in Mexico.

The Mexico Business Portal initially is set up using a software that compiles videos about various forms of business in Mexico.  The videos are gathered using keywords that have to do with Mexico business.

The software is not perfect and sometimes pulls videos that are not related to Mexico business but there full descriptions and screen captures from the videos so you do not waste your time clicking on something that is not related to what you are seeking.

The Mexico Business Portal also has a search engine that will help you target your video search to just the videos related to the subject matter you seek.  Categories are also provided to assist in your targeting.

Beyond the initial setup of this new doing business in Mexico website, other content will be added as time allows but for now, go take a look and let us know what you think - Mexico Business Portal.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

New International Trade Resource Added To

NEW IMPORT EXPORT INTERNATIONAL TRADE RESOURCE: This is the first NEW Import Export Business resource we have added to our website in nearly two years and it is one we are very excited about - VIDEOS that are targeted specifically to Importing - Exporting - Customs - International Trade.  

The site is a sub-domain of and it has just gone live.  I would like to ask your help since it is FREE to you and has been established for your benefit and unlimited use.  The favor is to notify us of any and all videos that may not be specific or appropriate to B2B and Global Trade.

The video compiling software is not infallible and it pulls videos from various platforms but due to some video producers mislabeling their videos or for whatever reason, some of the videos need to be manually deleted and that is where you can help us.  Just use the contact form to notify us of the URL or name of the video and if we agree that it does not belong in this venue, it will be deleted. We have already edited out over 700 videos but there are still another 700+ Import Export Global B2B videos available with new videos added every few days.

Go check out our NEW video section NOW (we look forward to your feedback):  Import Export International Trade Videos